Help fast food workers bargain a historic contract!

Since the Burgerville Workers Union won federal recognition at two stores this spring, we’ve been fighting for a fair contract, regularly meeting with Burgerville Corporate to negotiate over things like wages, breaks, tips, and benefits. However, this has been an uphill battle. Despite advertising themselves as willing to work with the union, Burgerville refuses to fairly compensate workers for hours lost during negotiations. Not only that--we just recently went on strike over Burgerville bargaining in bad faith.

 This is not what collaboration looks like. Many workers who want to be a part of this process and have a say in what the contract looks like can’t afford to attend an 8 hour bargaining session. Burgerville barely pays us above minimum wage, and we already struggle to make rent and support families. Missing work to bargain this contract makes it that much harder to get by.

Our goal is a fair contract that reflects the needs of workers. That means workers have to be at the bargaining table. 

That’s why we’re asking you to contribute to the fight for a fair contract by donating! We have already put in countless unpaid hours to force Burgerville to recognize our union and start the contract negotiation process, and we’re determined to at least get compensated for any wages lost while representing ourselves and coworkers in bargaining.

Every dollar counts, and in a very material way, shows workers that you care about us and our struggle. Please donate what you can, and empower workers to fight for a living wage and safer working conditions!

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